Walabot DIY Review : See Through Walls DIY

Walabot DIY Review : See Through Walls DIY

Walabot DIY Review : See Through Walls DIY

• Find plastic & metal pipes, studs and wires
• See 4 inches/10 cm deep
• Works on concrete

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Product features

  • Can See 4″ into Drywall and Concrete- Locate Studs, Pipes, Wires & moving rodents
  • Help prevent DIY disasters: hitting water pipes, electrical wires or missing studs
  • Winner of over 10 BEST Product Awards – ESPN, HGTV, Popular Sci, CES, This Old House!
  • We’re here to help! Contact Seller for phone compatibility, technical support or further questions, comments, and feedback
  • Product Dimensions: 6.4 x 4.1 x 2 inches

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Walabot DIY: Product Description

In-Wall Imager – For home remodeling, renovation and construction

Walabot DIY Review : See Through Walls DIY

Don’t go into projects blind!  Know what’s behind your wall before you hammer, drill or cut & accidentally burst a water pipe, slice an electrical wire or miss a stud.

WalabotDIY offers Superman-like vision to map what’s inside your walls & sees up to 4 inches into drywall & concrete. Detect the location & depth of studs, pipes, wires or even track rodents or other pests.

Connect Walabot DIY to your Android Smartphone** and use it with the Walabot DIY Android application. 

**Compatible Smartphones

  • Most Androids running Android 5.0 and above, with USB On-The-Go (USB OTG)
  • Compatible with Android phones running 5.0 Lollipop, 6.0 Marshmallow & 7 Nougat, with USB on The Go (OTG).
    * Samsung Note 7, LG G4 and LG V10 are not supported.


  • Does not work on iOS phones. 
  • Tablets, iPhone, iPads
  • Samsung Note 7 – LG G4 – LG V10

Walabot DIY : How Does it Work?

Walabot DIY Review : See Through Walls DIY

 What does Walabot DIY Detect?

  • Wooden Studs – Metal Studs – Pipes – Wires – Movement

What materials does it work on?

  • Drywall and concrete –  Up to 4 inches in depth

How do I begin using Walabot DIY? 

  • Recomended: Watch “Walabot What’s the Drill” online videos for in-depth tutorials
  • Connect Walabot DIY to your phone using USB cable provided
  • Follow installation guide and tutorials in the app 

How best to use Walabot

  • Start with Pan Mode, to get a overview of your wall
  • Then use Images mode to classify each element
  • And last – use Expert mode to find exact dimensions and center of Studs; tune the intensity till you get the best image.

Different from ANY other DIY device

  • Walabot is powered by advanced radio wave technology.
  • Walabot is constantly evolving, with frequent app upgrades and new features, to grow right alongside you.
  • It is simple enough for a beginner finding their first stud, but advanced enough to help a renovator with 40 years of experience who is trying to decipher just how badly a previous contractor wired a house.
  • It will help you become better at current jobs but also give you the confidence to try new ones.

Advanced Capabilities

  Multiple Modes

  • Pan Mode – panoramic view of a full wall line, with distances
  • Image Mode – visual classification of metalic and wooden studs, pipes, wires
  • Expert Mode – see the raw signals from the Walabot sensor

Walabot DIY Review : See Through Walls DIY       

Latest Free Walabot Updates

Sept       Enhanced Power Management Mode

Aug        New Pan Mode released

June       UX and calibration updates

Updates and enhancements released regularly

Walabot DIY Review : See Through Walls DIY                   

Groundbreaking Tech!

What the press has been saying –

“The stud finder of the future”

“Superman like X-ray vision”

​”Would Amaze Even James Bond”

Walabot DIY: Customer Reviews

It actually works as advertised
Far better than a stud finder, as it finds objects not touching the sheetrock.
Walabot is awesome
Walabot is awesome first low cost device I have seen that shows wire in wall exactly where it is.
Seeing thru the wall wonderfully!
Use it to find insects behind the sheet rock it’s great for termite detection.
Learning curve to it…..not as easy as it looks.
Still, as a licenced electrician this tool has become invaluable. I can locate pvc electrical boxes buried behind kitchen cabinet AND drywall! Amazing tool, just takes a bit of practice.
Great Tool

I have seen the commercials and internet advertisements regarding the WalabotDIY. At first, I was skeptical. A few months ago, my wife and I bought a new home. As with all new homeowners, I had projects to set the house up to our liking. Part of these projects was to lay new data cable throughout the house, hanging pictures, and putting in new lighting.

I purchased a WalabotDIY as I needed more than just a stud detector. After using my WalabotDIY, I no longer use a standard stud detector. The WalabotDIY shows me so much more of what is inside my walls and ceilings. I can trace framing studs, wires, pipes and conduit, both through drywall and through our outer stucco walls.

Thank you Walabot for the tool I never knew I truly needed.

Lifesaver for me

As others have said, there is a learning curve getting used to Walabot and how to read what it’s showing you. I was about halfway through the learning curve when it saved me from a disaster. We were having to remount some things in a bathroom and I was scanning the walls for studs and pipes. Walabot said there was a metal stud at one point in the wall – I knew, given the age of the house, there was no way there was a metal stud in the wall, but it was too wide for a pipe. I had almost decided it must be a regular stud (because there’s no way a pipe should have been routed in that spot), but was able to slip a borescope through a nearby hole. Sure enough it was a pipe, but covered in some sort of strange, thick hard, speckled material, sort of like insulation (never seen this stuff before). Walabot correctly showed me the width and knew the density was off for a wooden stud – it made me just suspicious enough to look further. If I had decided it was a stud we’d have had a wet disaster on our hands.

Take the time to learn how to use Walabot – it’s really a great tool. I also wasn’t crazy about the magnet that attaches it to my phone (wasn’t strong enough) – they have developed a replacement pad that is supposed to be much better and are sending me one for free.

Walabot DIY Review : See Through Walls DIY