Kingsley-Bate Outdoor Furniture Reviews

Kingsley-Bate Outdoor Furniture Reviews

Kingsley-Bate Outdoor Furniture ReviewsKingsley-Bate Outdoor Furniture Reviews

Kingsley-Bate – Turn your outdoor space into a true oasis with fine Kingsley-Bate furniture. Kingsley-Bate is America’s leading manufacturer of teak outdoor furniture. The designs are made to withstand the rigors of changing weather while maintaining its beautiful appearance. The furniture is made of premium quality teak or all-weather wicker and is constructed to meet the highest standards.

Kingsley-Bate is committed to environmental responsibility. The outdoor furniture and umbrellas use Javanese teak from environmentally secure sources to help combat deforestation in the world’s rainforests. Our wood comes from carefully controlled plantations which ensure equal reforestation and limited felling. A small amount of high-quality Burmese teak is also used in production. In most designs, the natural beauty of the wood is the center of attention. Clear finishes, natural colored fabrics and simple lines help to highlight the color and grain of the teak or wicker used in the piece. Matched sets and individual pieces are available to suit your needs.

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Kingsley-Bate Outdoor Furniture Reviews

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America's Leading Manufacturer of Teak Outdoor Furniture

British craftsmen of the 18th-century discovered what their Eastern counterparts had known for centuries, that teak has qualities unlike any other wood. Its abilities to withstand the rigors of adverse climate, yet weather attractively, make it the ideal choice for exterior furnishings. We use only premium quality teak and precise mortise and tenon joinery in the construction of our furniture. And while our reputation was founded on teak, our furniture designs have expanded to incorporate the finest stainless steel and all-weather wicker as well. This combination of quality material and craftsmanship provides you with exterior furnishings of exceptional style and durability.

Committed to Environmental Responsibility

Preservation of the Earth's ecological system is today a major concern. Indiscriminate deforestation of the Amazon Basin and other rainforests has led to widespread suspicion by the public of those companies in the teak industry. Kingsley Bate is the first American company to use Javanese teak in the manufacture of its furniture. Our teak is harvested from carefully controlled plantations, established in Indonesia by the Dutch in the mid-19th century. The Indonesian government allows the felling of a limited number of trees each year, and ensures that an equal amount of reforestation takes place. In 1983 Kingsley Bate, in conjunction with the Indonesian government and its people, undertook to develop a teak furniture program in Java. Since then, Indonesia and Kingsley Bate have shown that such a program can be implemented without detriment to that country's natural resources. Due to the increasing demand for this beautiful hardwood, Kingsley Bate now uses a select amount of Burmese teak in its productions. Whether Javanese or Burmese, you can be assured that we use only the finest quality teak in our furniture.

When it comes to teak, Gignoux says that you can’t go wrong with the British companies Barlow Tyrie and Kingsley Bate. “They have lovely, classic lines,” she says. The Mendocino dining table from Kingsley Bate, in a rectangular or square shape, has the kind of elegant, flexible design that works well with traditional or modern chairs ($880-1,200, For more teak options, Robert Archer of Archer Modern in Cady’s Alley also recommends the Australian manufacturer Harbour Outdoor and Design Within Reach.