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Saatva Mattress Reviews

Best Reviewed Mattress of 2016 – 15,000 Reviews


At Saatva Inc., They get some information about the advantages a shopper gets by managing an online just organization. Bedding stores are troubled with unreasonable business rents, high utility expenses and support costs. These expenses are included into the cost of their items, regardless of the possibility that some segment of their business is done on line. Saatva Mattress offers a world class comfort level bedding which conforms to anyone size, shape or weight, displayed after the colossal night’s rest offered by the world’s debut lodgings.

Saatva Mattress has found the sweet spot for solace and quality through its loop on curl plan and its euro cushion best. They offer our clients point by point spec sheets for them to correlation shop. The client that takes us up on that test, is our best client. At the point when a shopper conveys our spec sheet to a sleeping cushion store, they will find that to purchase a bedding of Saatva’s quality, they should spend about $2,000.00 (ruler set).

Saatva mattress best reviewed mattress


How are Saatva Mattress Comfort Level?


Saatva mattress are worked with a particular top notch include known as ‘coil on coil‘ development. Our lower curl unit offers an associated hourglass molded steel bolster base. Our top loop unit includes a rich exclusively wrapped curl framework that shapes and reacts splendidly to your body, killing most movement exchange. Each exclusively wrapped loop is separate to guarantee that whatever remains of the bed won’t be exasperates by the development of encompassing curls. This development combined with our propelled euro cushion top, must be found in ultra premium sleeping cushions that cost over $2,000. (ruler sleeping cushion) Our beds are made to last 10 to 15 years and will keep on performing reliably well after some time. Take note of: All Saatva mattress units are tempered three circumstances and broiler prepared.

  1. Individually Wrapped Comfort Coils

    Individually wrapped coils in the top portion of the mattress are the most advanced coil system in the luxury mattress market. These coils respond and contour to every body shape.

  2. Dual Perimeter Edge Support System

    Foam encased anti-sag edge support for better durability and more sleep surface. The Saatva Mattress uses a Dual Perimeter Edge Support System. The upper comfort coils are foam encased. This is a quality that only the most durable and best mattresses have.

  3. Lumbar Support Enhancement

    Lumbar support enhancement made of high quality memory foam layer, providing additional pressure relief while helping reduce stress and tension from the lower back.

  4. Steel Coil Base Support System

    All Saatva’s luxury mattresses are built with a tempered steel support lower coil base. This creates a long lasting, sustainable mattress with increased durability and is the best design to prevent sagging.

  5. Organic Cotton Cover & Euro Pillow Top

    The euro pillow top offers more padding and cushioning materials than what is found in most regular pillow tops. These materials are then inserted underneath the outer covering for a neater and cleaner look. Regular pillow tops that are sewn to the top of a bed tend to shift and lose shape.



For sleepers who prefer to feel their mattress hug them in a supportive embrace the Plush Soft comfort level is your choice. We layer individually wrapped coils with softer and conforming foams to create a mattress that hugs to your body while you sleep. Our core is just the right firmness to ensure you don’t sink in too much but will conform to your unique body.

Choose Saatva Plush Soft:

  • If you prefer to sleep on your side and sometimes your back
  • If you like to feel enveloped in your bed and linens
  • Have trouble with your arms falling asleep before you do
  • If you prefer a soft mattress


The standard comfort level used in the finest hotels in the world, where their goal is to ensure every guest gets a great night sleep. “Luxury Firm” offers the perfect balance of “cushion firm and contouring support”. This assures proper spinal alignment with our premium foam cushion layers for the most comfortable sleep experience. Whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach, you will be very happy with this comfort level. It is a true medium firm. A perfect balance of comfort with support. The “Luxury Firm”, is rated the “#1 comfort choice” in the ultra premium mattress classification.

Choose Saatva Luxury Firm:

  • If you prefer to sleep on your side, back or stomach.
  • It’s the perfect mattress for couples with different sleep needs.
  • If you are looking for the Goldilocks bed. Not too firm. Not too soft.
  • If you switch sleeping positions often in the night.
  • If you are looking for the luxury hotel experience at home.


For sleepers who prefer their mattress firm but not hard the Firm comfort level is your choice. We layer individually wrapped coils with softer conforming foams than our Luxury Firm to create a mattress that floats your body on the mattress as you sleep. When you lie down you will feel an initial plushness quickly followed by the firm support you desire. Our core is just the right firmness balance to ensure you don’t sink into the mattress or feel like you are sleeping on a board.

Choose Saatva Firm:

  • If you prefer to sleep on your back or stomach
  • Prefer a mattress that you float on top of instead of sink into
  • If your health professional recommends a firm mattress
  • If you prefer a firmer mattress

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  • Low Price But High Quality – To match the price and specs of our queen mattress stores will charge over $2,000. Saatva Mattress price, just $999.
  • Eco-Responsible Materials and Construction – Saatva use the finest eco-friendly materials for a healthier mattress i.e. organic cotton outer cover, Inner springs constructed from recycle steel, Bio-based memory foam layer.
  • The Top 5 Luxury Innerspring features in one mattress 
  • 120 Day Home Trial. No restocking/penalty fees.
  • Handcrafted & American Made
  • 15 Year Warranty + Fairness Replacement Option
  • NO SALES TAX COLLECTED! (excluding Canada)


BRAND Saatva Simmons Serta Aireloom Kingsdown Stearns & Foster
MATTRESS NAME Saatva Beautyrest Black Desiree iSeries Profiles Caliber Reserve Arlington Sleep to Live Port Royal
RETAILER Saatva Mattress Firm Amazon Raymour & Flanigan Art Van Home Mattress Center
MATTRESS STYLE Euro Pillow Top Luxury Firm Super Pillow Top Luxury Pillow Top Euro Top Euro Pillow Top
MATTRESS HEIGHT 14.5″ 14.25″ 16.25″ 16″ 15.5″ 15.5″
QUEEN COIL COUNT 884+416 850 1088 943 744 1302
COIL TYPE Individually wrapped coil & Hourglass hand tied coil Advanced Pocketed Coil® Duet Coil Individually Wrapped Individually Wrapped Individually Wrapped Pocket Coil
COIL GAUGE 14.5g/13g 14.7 gauge 15 gauge 15 gauge 13 gauge 14.87 gauge
CONSTRUCTION Coil on Coil Single Coil Coil in Coil Single Coil Single Coil Coil in Coil
EDGE SUPPORT Foam Encased Foam Encased Foam Encased Foam Encased Foam Encased Foam Encased
TOP FABRIC Organic Circ. Knit SurfaceCool™ Plus Fiber Circ. Knit with Everfeel Technology Belgian jacquard damask Circ. Knit Silk & wool-infused PrimaCool Quilt with OUTLAST
BORDER FABRIC Organic Damask Circ. Knit Circ. Knit Circ. Knit Circ. Knit
MEMORY FOAM Memory Foam Layer .5″ AirCool, .5″ Micro Diamond Infused AirCool Memory Foam, .5″ Dynamic Response Memory Foam Y EnergyFoam® for long-lasting supportive comfort .5-1.5″ of PrimaCool Gel Memory Foam, 1-3.5″ PrimaSense Gel Memory Foam EverCool GFX Memory Foam, Cool Action Dual Effects Gel Memory Foam
COMFORT FOAM Y 2.25″ Comfort Foam Serta Pillow Soft Foam N Cushioning Foam N
NATURAL FIBER Organic Cotton N N Wool N Wool
WARRANTY 15YR + Fairness Replacement Option 10 YR Non-Prorated 10 YR Ltd. Warranty 20 YR (10/10 Prorated) Ltd. Warranty 20 YR Non-Prorated 10 YR Ltd. Full Replacement
QUEEN SET PRICE $1,249.00 $2,549.99 $2,699.99 $5,499.99 $2,399.99 $2,377.00
KING SET PRICE $1,699.00 $2,899.99 $2,800.00 $6,499.99 $2,999.99 $2,869.99


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The Saatva Mattress Pricing advantage….No Middlemen!

Traditional luxury mattresses are sold at retail stores and are marked up multiple times before they reach you. At Saatva Mattress, They bypass these channels and create the shortest path from theirs manufacturers to your home.
Size Mattress
Price with
Twin $599 $749 38″ x 75″
Twin XL $699 $849 38″ x 80″
Full $849 $1049 54″ x 75″
Queen $999 $1249 60″ x 80″
King $1399 $1699 76″ x 80″
Cal King $1399 $1699 72″ x 84″

There are six diverse bedding sizes accessible: You can choose from two diverse bedding thicknesses, 11.5″ and 14.5″ which, incidentally, cost the same.

A decision of sleeping pad thickness is offered for simply stylish reasons. For instance, on the off chance that you have a short headboard, it would look best to have the 11.5″ sleeping pad.

One extraordinary element of Saatva beddings is that the Queen and King sleeping pad are offered additionally as part sleeping pads, so getting it through the entryway is never an issue.

The split element of the sleeping pad is only for conveyance and won’t detract from the execution of the bedding, nor will you ever feel the split.

Does it Need a Foundation?

Best Reviewed Mattress

Saatva suggests that you utilize an establishment with its mattress for most extreme solace, hostile to listing and toughness.

They offer 4″ and 8″ establishments that can be acquired with the bedding, however you can utilize your current box spring or establishment on the off chance that it is in great condition, which means it is solid and does not have any hang around or inside the bolster territory.

The special reward is that in the event that you choose to utilize your own particular box spring or establishment, Saatva may keep your guarantee set up, something most different producers don’t permit.

Simply try to peruse the guarantee data beneath as there are a few confinements.

Does it Need a Mattress Pad?

No. The European cushion top ought to be sufficient for each individual’s solace. Including an additional sleeping cushion is debilitated with Saatva beddings – it can really corrupt the execution level of the sleeping cushion immovability chose.

The cushion top is a natural cotton sew beat with 1.25″ of super delicate froth and Dacron, in addition to 3/4″ of stitch fill fiber.

How would I Care for a this Mattress?

Saatva is an awesome extravagance sleeping cushion

It is prescribed that you pivot (not flip!) your Saatva sleeping pad following six months of conveyance and thusly once every year.

The sleeping cushion is carefully assembled with amazing parts that make it heavier than you may expect, so pivot the bedding with two individuals to avoid wounds to your back.

On the off chance that the sleeping cushion ought to wind up distinctly dirty, utilize a little measure of antibacterial cleanser and a moist wipe with warm water.

Never immerse the sleeping pad with water. To expel overabundance dampness utilize the drying highlight of a steam vacuum if conceivable, or essentially let it dry without anyone else.

Any Comfort Guarantee?

As per Saatva’s site:

We offer the friendliest 75 day home trial in the extravagance sleeping pad advertise. On the off chance that you find that our bed is wrong for you, it can be returned for a full and provoke discount of the price tag, less the first conveyance charge.

No punishment charges, get expenses or restocking expenses (we NEVER re-stock a sleeping cushion). In offering this inviting approach, we do ask that you twofold check your estimations before you purchase to affirm that the sleeping pad and establishment statures you’ve picked fit your needs.

What sort of Warranty Does Saatva Offer?

On the off chance that the sleeping pad is deficient due to workmanship or basic issues inside the initial 2 years of possession, it will be supplanted at no cost, including conveyance. In the event that an imperfection is found in the vicinity of 3 and 15 years of possession, it will repaired without cost.

You can likewise pay 25% of the price tag to have it totally supplanted if the sleeping cushion has under 6 years staying on the guarantee.

As per the maker, the guarantee legitimacy is ensured on the off chance that you utilize a stage bed. Actually, the guarantee is void if the sleeping pad is utilized on a metal casing with under 4 legs, or even 6 legs and a middle line bolster for King and Queen sizes. It’s essential to recall this on the off chance that you choose to hold your present sleeping pad establishment.

The amount Does it Cost?

Saatva prides itself on offering the most noteworthy quality extravagance sleeping pad at the best cost. Their plan of action goes for removing the mediator to additionally diminish cost to the end client, so the best place to buy is the producer’s site itself.

At the season of composing this survey the official cost is $899 for Queen, yet you might need to visit the official site to affirm the cost. The cost is the same for both the 11.5″ and 14.5″ thick sleeping cushion forms (each gives a similar level of solace – it’s absolutely a tasteful contrast).

Saatva Mattress Ratings

The ratings – based on 280+ consumer reviews gathered using an unbiased, accurate methodology – show how Saatva mattress rates in comparison to the average mattress.

Owner satisfaction B The Saatva mattress has 81% owner satisfaction.
Durability / longevity C Available data suggests no better than fair durability / longevity. Innerspring beds (especially pillow tops) are often not strong performers in this area.
General support B Reports for inadequate support are few, but some large people / couples may find it somewhat inadequate especially over long term.
Less (back) pain C+ See mattresses and pain relief for general analysis.
Conforming B- A highly conforming bed is one that contours to the sleeper’s body resulting in a cradling, pressure-point-free sensation. Saatva performs somewhat above average, but better conforming mattresses are available, namely those with more memory foam content.
Easy to move on B Saatva mattresses tend to provide little resistance to movement and the changing of positions.
Easy to get on and off C- A Saatva mattress has above-average height / thickness (11.5″ and 14.5″). While this can give the mattress an upscale presence, at least 15% of owners say height makes entry / exit somewhat challenging. And adding a topper will make the bed even taller. Using a a low-profile foundation can help to minimize height.
Motion isolation C Motion isolation – a bed’s ability to absorb a person’s movement so as to not disturb another person – is neither a clear strength nor clear weakness of the bed. Consumers coming from a memory foam bed or pocket coil bed are most likely to be disappointed. (General analysis: mattress motion isolation.)
Edge support B- Sitting or sleeping near the edge of the mattress is adequate for most owners.
No initial odor B- About 7% of owners (1 in 14) report significant unpleasant initial odor. (General analysis: mattress off gassing.)
No sleeping hot B- About 5% of owners (1 in 20) report bothersome heat retention.
Good for sex B Saatva has some bounce which is a plus for most people, but the firmer models may be too firm for some positions. Its heavy weight tends to keep it in place. (See mattresses and sex for general analysis).
No noise B- About 5% of owners report significant noise coming from the springs. This is similar to the rate of innerspring mattresses overall.
No topper needed C About 8% of owners need to add a topper to the mattress to improve softness and comfort. Learn more.
Fast break in C Side sleepers tend to report the longest break-in time.
Easy to lift, handle, move D+ A queen-sized Saatva weighs about 115 pounds. The 14.5″ model comes with handles, but they are for rotation only – not to carry the mattress. Learn more about Saatva’s weight.
Easy to maintain C- Saatva is one sided / no flip. Rotation (head to foot) at least once a year may be needed to prevent and minimize sagging / wear. Given the weight of the mattress, doing so may require more than one person.

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Saatva Company Ratings

The ratings below – based on consumer experiences and the evaluation of Sleep Like The Dead – show how Saatva compares to the average mattress manufacturer.

Warranty coverage B+ 15-year warranty. This includes 15 years non-prorated repair coverage and 15 years / 2 years non-prorated replacement coverage. (See mattress warranties: what you should know.)
Return policy B The mattress can be returned for 120 days for a full refund minus the original delivery charge (usually around $100).There is no minimum amount of time the mattress must be kept before being eligible for return.
Customer service A Saatva’s customer service is strong and is the main strength of the company.
Marketing accuracy D Sleep Like The Dead has identified several issues related to Saatva marketing accuracy. Learn more.
Access to customer reviews C At the Saatva website, reviews posted there cannot be sorted which makes locating critical reviews difficult.
Integrity of customer reviews D+ This refers to how closely customer ratings appearing on Saatva’s website correspond to customer ratings at independent sources. In total, ratings at Saatva’s website are higher than those found at other sources by a significant margin.
Specs disclosed A- By disclosing mattress specifications, a company allows consumers to know what they are buying and helps them to comparison shop.
Time in business B- Saatva began operations in 2011.
BBB rating A+ Saatva has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Four complaints have been filed against the company in the past three years which is better than average for a mattress company of its size.
SLTD rating B- SLTD (Sleep Like The Dead) company rating of “B-” for Saatva Inc. is determined by averaging the above company ratings.

Nectar Sleep Mattress

Saatva Mattress Review & Complaints


We are so proud to announce that Saatva was the best reviewed mattress brand on Google in 2016 with an average rating of 4.9 on over 15,000 reviews.

The Saatva Mattress is an extremely balanced choice for individuals searching for an exceptional sleeping cushion at an open cost.

The positive input that we continue accepting, with the entire nonattendance of any negative survey, made this sleeping pad the victor of its class in our Best Reviewed Mattress 2017.

Nectar Sleep Mattress

Saatva Mattress Store Locator

Once more, Saatva mattress price starting at Twin size $599 and price with foundation is $749, in light of our effective “no store logic” Please set aside the opportunity to look at theirs site at Saatva Mattress are absolutely straightforward and we spell out everything for our clients. This item essentially surpasses desires every day. Similarly as our clients do, you will love being a piece of Saatva. 

The Saatva business model is very different and very simple to understand. We want to be a pleasant alternative in the same way that Amazon and Zappos was early on. We can sell for a lot less because our lower e-commerce cost structure gives us an unusual competitive advantage.

This is the word picture: When Amazon started to sell books exclusively online, Barnes & Noble with their magnificent large stores in the best locations ( .i.e. high rent ) couldn’t compete if a consumer felt comfortable buying online. The outcome speaks for itself. Borders has gone out of business and Barnes & Noble has closed many stores….or more to the point they aren’t opening as many new ones……………and Amazon just keeps growing and growing and growing.

At the end of the day, the consumer gets a far greater value if they purchase from a pure online retailer. It’s the smart way to shop and it’s simple.

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